The Mask 3-D Blu-ray

Kino Classics 35217444 - Believing that the mask has opened a portal to the deepest recesses of his mind, the doctor continues to explore this terrifying new psychic world even as the mask reveals a latent violence in Barnes' nature that threatens those closest to him. Shot in toronto on a shoestring budget, thE MASK retitled Eyes of Hell for its American release claims the distinction of being the first feature-length Canadian horror movie.

Total. Director julian roffman turns the act of wearing the anaglyph 3d glasses into part of the theatrical experience: when Barnes' voice intones the immortal words "Put the mask on, " the audience puts on their glasses to witness the doctor's visions, a riot of psychedelic imagery rendered in bright, now!, blazing color.

The Mask 3-D Blu-ray - After the shocking death of a disturbed patient, psychiatrist Dr. Allan barnes paul stevens comes into possession of the ancient tribal mask that supposedly drove the young man to his doom. The film features exclusive new music from Brian May & the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and has a Dolby Atmos track.

Special features: 3-d sequences provided in both stereoscopic 3-D television required and anaglyph formats red/cyan glasses not included, Newly restored Electro-Magic Sound optional 5. 1 surround during 3-d sequences, audio commentary by 3-d film historian jason pichonsky, Making-of Documentary, 3-D Setup Video for monitor calibration, Four trailers and TV spots, Films by visual consultant Slavko Vorkapich: 9413: The Life and Death of a Hollywood Extra 11 min.

Abstract Experiment in Kodachrome 2 min. Montage sequences 6 sequences, 12 min.

The Maze 3-D Blu-ray

Kino Classics - Newly restored in 3-d by 3-d film archive from 4k scans by paramount pictures archives! the maze is a 1953 atmospheric horror film in 3-D, directed by William Cameron Menzies Invaders from Mars, Things to Come and starring Richard Carlson The Magnetic Monster as Scotsman Gerald MacTeam Carlson who abruptly breaks off his engagement to pretty Kitty Murray Veronica Hurst after receiving word of his uncle's death and inheriting a mysterious castle in the Scottish Highlands.

After a series of mysterious events occur in both the castle and the hedge maze outside, including a doctor, to the castle, they invite a group of friends, hoping they can help Gerald with whatever ails him. Kitty refuses to accept the broken engagement and travels with her aunt Katherine Emery to the castle.

The Maze 3-D Blu-ray - Robert J. Menzies was known for his very dimensional style, focusing many shots in layers The Maze was his final film as production designer and director. Special features:-audio commentary by Film Historians Tom Weaver, Bob Furmanek, Dr. When they arrive, they discover that Gerald has suddenly aged and his manner has changed significantly.

Kiss and david schecter-interview with star veronica Hurst -Restored three-channel stereophonic sound by Eckhard Büttner -Original 3-D Trailer -Reversible Art Shrink-wrapped.

The Bubble 3-D Blu-ray

Kino Lorber 29860833 - Factory sealed DVD. The bubble is the ""eerie and enjoyable"" los angeles times science-fiction spine-tingler that shocked audiences and revolutionized the cinematic world of 3-D! The eye-popping thrills and chills begin when a plane carrying pregnant Catherine Deborah Walley and her husband Mark Michael Cole is forced to land in a mysterious remote town.

Shrink-wrapped. These single-strip 35mm stereoscopic techniques were used in almost all major 3-D features for the next thirty years, making THE BUBBLE not only an ""amazing"" Hollywood Reporter sci-fi thriller, but also an important milestone in the history of cinema. Then there is an even more terrifying discovery - the zombie inhabitants live under an impenetrable dome, trapped like insects in a jar.

The Bubble 3-D Blu-ray - Now fully restored from the 35mm negatives by the 3-D Film Archive. Can catherine, mark and their newborn baby escape the bubble, or will they become mindless drones trapped in a human zoo?THE BUBBLE introduced the ground-breaking Space-Vision 3-D system, which pioneered a new way of both shooting and exhibiting 3-D film.

The townspeople are quite strange, indeed: they repeat certain phrases and movements ceaselessly and stagger through the streets like brain-dead automatons.

Gog 3-D 1954 Blu-ray

Kino Lorber - Newly restored in hd and 3-d! in a remote, underground research laboratory two scientists, engaged in space travel research, are frozen to death in a cold chamber when their instruments comes under the control of an unknown power. A security agent, Dr. Factory sealed DVD. Early in his investigation, sheppard finds that the underground laboratory under the control of the Supercomputer NOVAC and experimental robots GOG and MAGOG.

Herbert L. Strock the crawling hand directed this sci-fi/horror classic with a stellar cast that includes Constance Dowling Black Angel, Herbert Marshall The Letter and William Schallert TV s The Patty Duke Show. Special features: audio commentary by Film Historians Tom Weaver, Bob Furmanek and David Schecter | Trailers Shrink-wrapped.

Gog 3-D 1954 Blu-ray - David sheppard richard egan, the 300 Spartans arrives at the secret space research base, home of two experimental robots to investigate the possible sabotage.

September Storm 3D Blu-ray

Kino Lorber 43471398 - Factory sealed DVD. A rediscovered gem newly restored by the 3-d film Archive, September Storm is a CinemaScope Stereovision adventure that plunges the viewer into the depths of the Balearic Sea, off the coast of Spain. They encounter many spectacles along the way: a violent storm, a deadly man o' war, man-eating sharks, but perhaps the most stunning sight of all is the bewitching model Joanne Dru who embarks on the journey with them.

Burnett the asphalt jungle, Little Caesar injects the screenplay liberal doses of seduction and betrayal. Director bryan haskin the war of the Worlds, Robinson Crusoe on Mars uses the 3-D camera to maximum effect, while hardboiled writer W. R. Special features: 2017 interview by 3-d space with september storm co-star asher dann, color theatrical trailer for the flat 1960 release, a comedy short originally rased with September Storm, The Adventures of Sam Space, a previously lost British short from 1953, aka Space Attack, Harmony Lane, Black and white 60 second TV spot for the 1960 3-D release, 1995 interview by Tony Sloman with Harmony Lane director Lewish Gilbert Shrink-wrapped.

September Storm 3D Blu-ray - Mark stevens stars as a treasure-hunter who convinces a yacht hand Asher Dann to take him and his cohort Robert Strauss on a quest for gold doubloons.

Jivaro 3-D Blu-ray

KL Studio Classics - 3-d restoration by 3-d film archive! special features:-audio commentary with mike ballew, Hillary Hess, Greg Kintz and Jack Theakston-JIVARO: A Shot by Shot Stereoscopic Analysis 8:24-Original Theatrical Trailer-Trailers for other KLSC 3-D releases Shrink-wrapped. Jivaro, stars fernando lamas 100 rifles, brian keith the Rare Breed, also known as Lost Treasure of the Amazon, Rhonda Fleming Those Redheads from Seattle, Lon Chaney Jr.

. Big house, U. S. A. Richard denning target earth, rita Moreno West Side Story and was directed by Edward Ludwig Wake of the Red Witch. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Newly remastered in hd from a 4k scan of the original camera negative and a 2K scan of the interpositive! The star and director of the 1953 3-D hit Sangaree team up again for this romantic and thrilling adventure in glorious Technicolor.

Jivaro 3-D Blu-ray - Alice parker fleming arrives at the brazilian trading outpost of Rio Galdez Lamas in search of her fiancé, Jerry Russell Denning, an alcoholic engineer who has ventured into headhunter country on a quest for gold.

It Came from Outer Space Blu-ray

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment 43379944 - Before long, strange things begin to happen, but will the tide of disbelief turn in time? Shrink-wrapped. Based on a story by acclaimed writer ray bradbury, it came From Outer Space starring Richard Carlson and Barbara Rush is a science fiction classic that is as thought-provoking and tantalizing today as it was when it first "landed" on the silver screen.

When amateur astronomer john putnam carlson and his fiancée Ellen Fields Rush are stargazing in the desert, a spaceship bursts from the sky and crashes to the ground. Of course, when he tells his story to the sheriff Charles Drake, John is branded a crackpot. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Just before a landslide buries the ship, a mysterious creature emerges and disappears into the darkness.

It Came from Outer Space Blu-ray - Factory sealed DVD.

Cease Fire - 3D Blu-ray

Kino Classics - Soldiers who fought in the Korean War. Shrink-wrapped. Cease fire! was restored by the 3-D Film Archive. Special features:-General Mark W. Part documentary, part drama and part cinéma vérité, Cease Fire! still remains a unique and remarkable achievement in filmmaking. Newly restored in hd and 3-d from 2k scans! one of the most unusual 3-d movies ever made, who in the 40s scripted military-themed short films for Warner Brothers and later on produced the documentary short One Who Came Back, Cease Fire! began as an idea by director Owen Crump, about the air evacuation of wounded U.

S. Cease fire! is the rare production to employ the stereoscopic process to heighten reality, emphasizing the brutality of combat, the vastness of a cold, unfamiliar terrain and the isolation felt by a patrol of valiant fighting men. Shrink-wrapped. Wallis casablanca, an old friend from his Warner Brothers days with his concept for Cease Fire! Most 3-D movies of the era used the format to accentuate and exaggerate artifice.

Cease Fire - 3D Blu-ray - Factory sealed DVD. Clark introductions for premiere engagements-restored three-channel stereophonic sound-'An In-Depth Look at CEASE FIRE' - Essay by Ted Okuda-Original Theatrical Trailer Shrink-wrapped. Crump approached producer Hal B.

Sangaree 3D Blu-ray

KL Studio Classics - Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. A plague outbreak in savannah complicates matters further in Sangaree, the first three-dimensional film in Technicolor, directed by Hollywood veteran Edward Ludwig Big Jim McLain. Special features:-january 25, 1955 lux radio theatre adaptation with Arlene Dahl and Cesar Romero -Before/After Restoration Demo -3-D Release Trailer -2-D Release Trailer Shrink-wrapped.

Newly remastered in hd from 4k of the original camera negative and a 2k scans of the interpositive – 3-D restoration by 3-D Film Archive! After the Revolutionary War, the dying General Darby Lester Matthews, The Raven bequeaths his Georgia plantation to Dr. Bristol Francis L. Carlos morales fernando lamas, Jivaro, the son of an indentured servant who has been raised and educated by Darby.

Sangaree 3D Blu-ray - Shrink-wrapped. The general’s daughter arlene dahl, journey to the center of the Earth tries to break her father’s will in order to control the estate and stop the creation of a group of free medical clinics for the poor to be overseen by Carlos. The true culprits behind her opposition are her fiancé, Harvey Bristol John Sutton, Jane Eyre, and his father, Dr.

Shrink-wrapped. Sullivan, joan of Arc, who have their eyes set on the Darby holdings.

Those Redheads From Seattle Blu-ray

Kino Lorber - Hollywood veteran Lewis R. Newly restored in hd and 3-d from 2k scans! a married woman agnes moorehead takes her four unmarried redheaded daughters Rhonda Fleming, Teresa Brewer, Cynthia and Kay Bell of The Bell Sisters to Alaska during the 1898 Gold Rush so they could help their father run his newspaper.

Kathie edmonds fleming searches for her father s murderer, who may or may not be Kisco. Foster directed this wonderful and colorful musical, which was the first ever 3-D musical and the first widescreen film released by Paramount Pictures. Special features: audio commentary by film historians hillary hess, Greg Kintz, Jack Theakston and Bob Furmanek | 2006 Interview with Rhonda Fleming | Before/After Restoration Demo | Original Theatrical Trailer Shrink-wrapped.

Those Redheads From Seattle Blu-ray - Shrink-wrapped. All four are members of the singing sister act The Edmonds Sisters, and upon arriving in Yukon they find out their father was murdered. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. The four heroines get work at the saloon owned by Johnny Kisco Gene Barry. Shrink-wrapped.

Ape 3-D Aka A*P*E Blu-ray

Kino Lorber 43449512 - Shrink-wrapped. Newly re-mastered in 3-d and hd! a freighter peacefully glides the still waters of a soft Pacific night; their cargo: a recently captured 36-foot ape. A giant fist comes up through the deck sending the sailors sprawling and in a matter of seconds, the A*P*E Attacking Primate monster is loose! After battling a very large snake and a giant white shark, A*P*E defies the JAWS of the great white and is the victor.

Shrink-wrapped. Co-starring hollywood veteran alex nicol the man from laramie, The Screaming Skull, A*P*E is presented in both 2-D and 3-D formats 3-D viewing requires a compatible television and Blu-ray player. Special features: audio commentary by Horror Cinema Historian Chris Alexander | Trailers Shrink-wrapped.

Ape 3-D Aka A*P*E Blu-ray - Paul leder i dismember mama co-wrote and directed this cult classic that needs to be seen to be believed. American actress joanna kerns, tv s growing pains arrives in South Korea to appear in a film, A*P*E has also arrived and lays waste the city of Inchon and continues his march forward, at the same time, destroying everything in his path.

Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD.