Tender Buttons

Dover Publications - According to sherwood anderson, an entire new recasting of life, Tender Buttons "gives words an oddly new intimate flavor and at the same time makes familiar words seem almost like strangers … For me the work of Gertrude Stein consists in a rebuilding, in the city of words. Often compared with music and cubist imagery, the exhilarating prose and thought-provoking experimental techniques of Tender Buttons offer readers a rewarding sojourn through one of Stein's most influential works.

Yet her innovative approach to writing and her originality of thought make the impact of her books on contemporary literature enormous. Tender buttons, published in 1914, is vintage Stein. Interested in their melody and color, Stein favors verbs and prepositions in unusual combinations and attempts to avoid using nouns.

Tender Buttons - . Dover Publications. Mentor and guide to the lost generation of expatriate American writers, including Hemingway and Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein 1874–1946 is perhaps better known for her Parisian salon than her literary works. She pushes abstraction to its farthest limits by experimenting with words purely as words in a style more akin to painting than literature.

Spring and All Facsimile Edition New Directions Pearls

New Directions - A beautiful facsimile of the 1923 original edition which is considered "one of the greatest poems of the twentieth century". Spring and all contains some of williams’s best-known poetry, “by the road to the contagious hospital, including Section I, where Williams penned his most famous poem, ” and Section XXII, which opens, “The Red Wheelbarrow.

Now, new directions publishes this facsimile of the original 1923 Contact Press edition, almost 90 years since its first publiction, featuring a new introduction by C. Used book in Good Condition. D. The new york timesspring and all is a manifesto of the imagination ― a hybrid of alternating sections of prose and free verse that coalesce in dramatic, energetic, and beautifully cryptic statements of how language re-creates the world.

In Our Time

Scribner - Scribner. Scott fitzgerald for its simple and precise use of language to convey a wide range of complex emotions, and it earned Hemingway a place beside Sherwood Anderson and Gertrude Stein among the most promising American writers of that period. Used book in Good Condition. Now recognized as one of the most original short story collections in twentieth-century literature, In Our Time provides a key to Hemingway's later works.

In our time contains several early hemingway classics, tough prose -- enlivened by an car for the colloquial and an eye for the realistic that suggests, " "The Three Day Blow, through the simplest of statements, " and "The Battler, including the famous Nick Adams stories "Indian Camp, " and introduces readers to the hallmarks of the Hemingway style: a lean, " "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife, a sense of moral value and a clarity of heart.

In Our Time - This collection of short stories and vignettes marked ernest hemingway's american debut and made him famous when in our time was published in 1925, John Dos Passos, it was praised by Ford Madox Ford, and F.

Three Lives

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - The good anna describes an exacting german house servant; Melanctha explores the love affair of an African-American woman; and The Gentle Lena narrates the fate of a patient German maid. The innovative style of three lives broke with narrative, linear, and temporal conventions and catapulted Stein to the forefront of the American Modernist movement and inspired such later novelists as Ernest Hemingway and Jack Kerouac.

. Scribner. The three narratives are independent of each other, but all are set in the fictional town of Bridgepoint. Gertrude stein’s first published work Three Lives is divided into three different stories, each one a psychological portrait of a different women. Used book in Good Condition.

To the Lighthouse

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich - Scribner. I think that beyond being about the very nature of reality, it is itself a vision of reality. Eudora welty, from the Introduction. The serene and maternal Mrs. Ramsay, and their children and assorted guests are on holiday on the Isle of Skye. Radiant as to the lighthouse is in its beauty, there could never be a mistake about it: here is a novel to the last degree severe and uncompromising.

Used book in Good Condition. From the seemingly trivial postponement of a visit to a nearby lighthouse, Woolf constructs a remarkable, moving examination of the complex tensions and allegiances of family life and the conflict between men and women. Ramsay, the tragic yet absurd Mr. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

Nightwood New Edition

New Directions - Matthew-mighty-grain-of-salt-dante-O'Connor, keen insights, a transvestite and ostensible gynecologist, whose digressive speeches brim with fury, and surprising allusions. The outsized characters who inhabit this world are some of the most memorable in all of fiction―there is Guido Volkbein, first with Nora Flood and then with Jenny Petherbridge, the American expatriate who marries him and then engages in a series of affairs, the Wandering Jew and son of a self-proclaimed baron; Robin Vote, driving all of her lovers to distraction with her passion for wandering alone in the night; and there is Dr.

Used book in Good Condition. Eliot to proclaim the book "so good a novel that only sensibilities trained on poetry can wholly appreciate it. Now with a new preface by jeanette Winterson, Nightwood still crackles with the same electric charge it had on its first publication in 1936. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

Nightwood New Edition - . New directions Publishing Corporation. S. The fiery and enigmatic masterpiece―one of the greatest novels of the Modernist era. Nightwood, djuna barnes' strange and sinuous tour de force, "belongs to that small class of books that somehow reflect a time or an epoch" Times Literary Supplement. Barnes' depiction of these characters and their relationships Nora says, "A man is another persona woman is yourself, caught as you turn in panic; on her mouth you kiss your own" has made the novel a landmark of feminist and lesbian literature.

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

Vintage - New directions Publishing Corporation. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Scribner. Stein's most famous work; one of the richest and most irreverent biographies ever written. Vintage. Used book in Good Condition.

Cane New Edition

Liveright - New directions Publishing Corporation. Liveright Publishing Corporation. Used book in Good Condition. This book should be on all readers’ and writers’ desks and in their minds. Maya angelou first published in 1923, part poetry, Jean Toomer’s Cane is an innovative literary work―part drama, part fiction―powerfully evoking black life in the South.

Rich in imagery, toomer’s impressionistic, sometimes surrealistic sketches of Southern rural and urban life are permeated by visions of smoke, sugarcane, dusk, and fire; the northern world is pictured as a harsher reality of asphalt streets. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Vintage. This iconic work of american literature is published with a new afterword by Rudolph Byrd of Emory University and Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Cane New Edition - Of harvard university, who provide groundbreaking biographical information on Toomer, place his writing within the context of American modernism and the Harlem Renaissance, and examine his shifting claims about his own race and his pioneering critique of race as a scientific or biological concept. Scribner.

A breakthrough in prose and poetical writing.

Cane Penguin Classics

Penguin Classics - For the first time in penguin classics, and notes by scholar George Hutchinson, this edition of Cane features a new introduction, suggestions for further reading, and National Book Award Foundation 5 Under 35 novelist Zinzi Clemmons contributes a foreword. New directions Publishing Corporation. Liveright Publishing Corporation.

Scribner. Vintage. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. The harlem renaissance writer's innovative and groundbreaking novel depicting african american life in the South and North, with a foreword by National Book Foundation 5 Under 35 honoree Zinzi ClemmonsJean Toomer's Cane is one of the most significant works to come out of the Harlem Renaissance, and is considered to be a masterpiece in American modernist literature because of its distinct structure and style.

Cane Penguin Classics - While critically acclaimed and known today as a pioneering text of the Harlem Renaissance, the book did not gain as much popularity as other works written during the period. Fellow harlem renaissance writer langston hughes believed cane's lack of a wider readership was because it didn't reinforce the stereotypes often associated with African Americans during the time, but portrayed them in an accurate and entirely human way, breaking the mold and laying the groundwork for how African Americans are depicted in literature.

Used book in Good Condition. First published in 1923 and told through a series of vignettes, Cane uses poetry, prose, and play-like dialogue to create a window into the varied lives of African Americans living in the rural South and urban North during a time when Jim Crow laws pervaded and racism reigned.


Grove Press - Used book in Good Condition. Yet it is nadja who gives form and structure to the novel. She has been described as a state of mind, k a kind of vision, a feeling about reality, and the reader sometimes wonders whether she exists at all. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Liveright Publishing Corporation. The first-person narrative is supplemented by forty-four photographs which form an integral part of the work -- pictures of various "surreal" people, places, and objects which the author visits or is haunted by in naja's presence and which inspire him to mediate on their reality or lack of it.

New directions Publishing Corporation. Nadja, " originally published in france in 1928, is the first and perhaps best Surrealist romance ever written, a book which defined that movement's attitude toward everyday life. The principal narrative is an account of the author's relationship with a girl in teh city of Paris, the story of an obsessional presence haunting his life.

Nadja - The nadja of the book is a girl, but, like bertrand Russell's definition of electricity as "not so much a thing as a way things happen, " Nadja is not so much a person as the way she makes people behave. Scribner. Vintage.

American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin Penguin Poets

Penguin Books - Used book in Good Condition. New directions Publishing Corporation. Written during the first two hundred days of the Trump presidency, these poems are haunted by the country's past and future eras and errors, its dreams and nightmares. Scribner. Vintage. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Finalist for the national book award and the national book critics circle award in poetryone of the New York Times Critics' Top Books of 2018A powerful, dazzling collection of sonnets from one of America's most acclaimed poets, timely, Terrance Hayes, the National Book Award-winning author of Lighthead"Sonnets that reckon with Donald Trump's America.

The new york timesin seventy poems bearing the same title, Terrance Hayes explores the meanings of American, of assassin, and of love in the sonnet form. Liveright Publishing Corporation. Inventive, compassionate, melancholy, hilarious, and bewildered--the wonders of this new collection are irreducible and stunning.