For Ann

Dan abbot is struggling through an early midlife crisis. He’ll soon be taking a reluctant trip into his past to confront a horrible incident and a long buried secret that could threaten everything he cares about. After divorcing his wife of eighteen years, he moves into a one bedroom apartment and begins facing his new reality: He’s a middle-aged single father who’s been stuck in neutral for as long as he can remember.

He’s trying to start over with his eleven-year-old son, and a potential relationship with a younger neighbor has him feeling optimistic for the first time in forever…but all that is about to change.

The Company of Demons

2019 royal palm literary award finalist2019 indie excellence award winner in crime fiction2019 indie excellence award finalist in legal thriller2019 international Book Awards Finalist in Mystery/Suspense2019 Readers' Favorite Book Awards Silver Medalist2018 Florida Book Awards GOLD Medal Winner in Popular FictionAmazon Best Seller in Historical ThrillersAmazon Best Seller in Mystery, Thriller & SuspenseAmazon Best Seller in Serial KillersThe brutal murder of a friend leaves lawyer John Coleman stunned and sends shockwaves through the city of Cleveland.

The technique of the killing recalls memories of the Torso Murderer, who dismembered at least twelve people decades ago and then vanished--eluding even legendary crime fighter Eliot Ness. Jennifer, hires john to handle her father's estate, the victim's beautiful daughter, and romantic feelings for her soon complicate his already troubled marriage.

. When john finds himself entangled with a cold-blooded biker gang, and the drug-addicted son of the dead man, an ex-cop with a fuzzy past, he struggles to make sense of it all. But he cannot shake a growing sense of dread.

High Rollers: A Novel

Within weeks, hundreds of students sign up, and the business is a runaway success. Fortunately, Cameron has a brilliant mind for numbers. Do you love easy-to-read books filled with wealth, intrigue, and palm trees? If so, don't miss reading High Rollers! . He decides to start a sports betting website with the help of fellow classmate Dylan Posner, a notorious campus party animal.

Based on a true story. University of miami freshman Cameron McKinney is in dire need of cash. In a few years, he will graduate with over 100, 000 dollars in student loan debt. As his operation grows, so does his ego. Cameron raises the stakes, taking on a group of jet-setting international students as customers.

Cameron begins making thousands of dollars of per week, tax-free. He begins dating grace cooper, the hard-drinking, purity ring-wearing daughter of a prominent Republican Party lobbyist. To make matters worse, he is utterly ignored by the opposite sex. His dysfunctional romance and his business partner's reckless lifestyle threaten to take them all down.

He uses the money to pay off his loans and fund his new South Beach lifestyle. As the business grows, Cameron's problems multiply further. College isn't quite what he pictured back home in freezing-cold Chicago.

Times Square

A charming portrait of modern relationships and a touching tribute to Manhattan. Kirkus reviews an unexpected scavenger hunt forces a woman to confront her past and present loves in New York City. Featuring a sparkling manhattan lit late at night, Times Square is the novella which pinpoints what it means to live and love in a city that readily challenges and astonishes, so often in the same breath.



Should she go along with ingrid’s schemes, or should she stand up for what she believes in? The decision will have a major impact on Sophie, her mother, and Leo himself! . Sophie learned the american ideals of independence and perseverance from her wise grandfather, and she is determined to find a way for her family to stay legally.

She and leo start a business together to raise money so Sophie can hire an immigration lawyer. Leo remembers the first time he met Sophie. Sophie possesses a sense of pride and determination that can take her far in life, but the actions of a conniving adult may ruin everything. Sophie is hiding a secret. She and her mother are illegal immigrants from Syria.

But can one thirteen-year-old girl really keep her family safe?When Ingrid Sanders, begins using the girl for her own ends, a local politician who knows about Sophie’s secret, Sophie is faced with an enormously difficult decision. When leo first approached her, she was so focused on the book in front of her that she didn’t even notice him.

Now, as leo grows closer to Sophie, he begins to appreciate this aspect of his friend’s personality.

Part I - The Touch: A Supernatural Story

Joshua also has experienced little love in his short life. He has no memory of his parents and in actuality, the voice, which causes him so much distress, is the only reality he has ever known. The voice is real, but it is a supernatural presence. Gabriel's "autism" is really a defense against the weight of the power that has engulfed his heart, mind and soul, from the very beginning.

I am searching for that spirit and voice in this novel! More to come! Gabriel does not trust this presence, though he finds that the wonder of what he is experiencing is far too great for him to resist. The old beast is up to something out of character here. This voice gives him a power that he can transfer by touch.

They will ultimately discover that the presence is not at all who they expected. I will humbly submit that this book is written in the spirit of Dean Koontz's works and also Stephen King's works. The bond between these two young boys is the beginning of an amazing journey. Together, they find the strength to take the gift, and to use it for good.

Living in an orphanage in austin, all of his life, Texas, the voice has shown him more attention and love than any other person. He befriends one other special young person in that orphanage, Joshua Fellows. Gabriel appears autistic because he hears a voice.

Choosing Light: When an Earthquake Buried Me and My Family for 5 Days, I Learned to Fully Live

What he learned, we can all learn - about ourselves, and about life. Trapped, his family missing – how can ancient wisdom tell him how to survive? This powerful, true-life drama shows us how to triumph over every darkness. Home in india on holiday, Viral Dalal is vacationing with his family when a 7. 7 magnitude earthquake—one of the most ferocious in history—collapses the high-rise building where, just the night before, he had celebrated being together with his family.

. Then a full day, challenging, and another, and another… is anyone even looking for him? Or is he buried alive? Forgotten? What would you do, trapped in such a predicament? What is going to help him now? This bold, breathtaking tale of courage reveals the source of willpower that drove a man who would not give up.

A shining, inspirational story you will not be able to put down… or ever forget. It can empower you to face anything… once you, too, know how to choose light. The cement box he is trapped in, however, will not yield – and hours crawl by. Now, without food, light, water, in total darkness, buried under tons of rubble, or the ability to even move—and with the ceiling hanging precariously just inches above his head—all Viral wants is to find his family.

In every life, there is a source of strength. Do you know yours? what Viral learned by going to his sources of inner strength can change your perspective on living.

The Deceit Birds

Nothing has felt right since Lewis moved into the big house on Blackheath. He tries to begin again, but his thoughts are more occupied with the past than a future he doesn’t want. Doors that close in the middle of the night, when he’s alone. A smell of flowers in an empty room. He makes new friends, but it’s an elusive teenager, Parker, who gives Lewis a sense of hope.

And then there’s the stranger. The determined birds outside. He has left his life behind after discovering an affair between his wife and best friend. There’s the persistent ticking of a clock he can’t find. A quiet figure, who sits on a bench at the edge of the heath, his face hidden beneath the brim of his hat, day and night, waiting.


Jackson & Franklin

Ages 12+ jackson & franklin is suitable for younger readers, but can also be enjoyed by anyone who played sports as a kid and doesn’t mind taking a look back. Unfortunately, his new teacher turns out to be anything but friendly, and that’s not the only bad news. A questionable maneuver has landed the league’s two hardest-throwing pitchers on the same team.

Danny abbot’s fifth grade year is crawling by, but things change quickly when he loses his favorite teacher and makes the Majors of Little League all in the same week. As the season unfolds, danny must face not only his teacher but also a powerhouse team that’s devouring the competition.

I, Ninfa Artemis: her autobiography

The novel is set in Portugal and London. It involves music since i’m also a singer and songwriter, forgiveness even of those who knew exactly the harm they were inflicting, prophecies, betrayal, hopes and the ways I found to get through, heartaches, disappointments, psychics, challenges, love, obsessions, no matter how impossible it seemed.

In 2000, in the midst of my heartache, I found an anchor to remain alive by writing poems. Usually you are a famous singer first, then you write your book telling your story. None of them rhyme. She has an english degree and bachelor’s in Theater. I’m truly happy when i write, including at this very moment as I type these words to you.

My motto in life is: “Where there is a will, there is a way”. My name is Ninfa Artemis from Portugal. The book has five chapters. P. S. The feelings they conjure also don’t rhyme with a calm mind.

Imagine That

Their mutual gift for conjuring up imaginary worlds to cope with reality—which for Mark includes the confusing teachings of his Jewish faith—leads them to push the boundaries between these two realms, imagination, exploring the fine line between love, and the existence of God. The world of mark leonardbig-hearted, eight-year-old mark leonard lives on the brink of two worlds: one steeped in the hardship of post–World War II America, where his father is consumed by financial woes; the other where he’s buoyed by his exceptionally vivid imagination.

When his family uproots from queens, mark finds refuge from loneliness in an unlikely friendship with an eccentric, New York, wealthy, to start afresh in Massachusetts, elderly neighbor who has shut out the world following a debilitating accident. In his imagination, a surgeon, mark is a heroic soldier, and a daredevil striving to live up to the ideals of the 1950s.