Music on Vinyl - This stoner rock album shows the signature vocal style of Neil Fallon, catchy drumming and groovy guitar playing. Clutch- Clutch. The american rock band Clutch released their second riff-laden self-titled album in 1995. Neil fallon's vocal work together with the everlasting guitar riffs has always been one of the signatures of the band.

If you are into the great '90s rock classics you can't miss on this one. From their early days Clutch created some impressive rocking records. Almost every track on the record has some memorable riffing and songs like 'Droid' and '7 Jam' get stuck in your head immediately. The zeppelin/sabbath-esque riffs can be heard throughout the album, like in both parts of 'Big News'.

Clutch - By adding a little funk to the sound they created an instant classic like 'Spacegrass'.


Earache Records - Highly anticipated new album ‘book of bad Decisions’ also released September 7th Clutch’s 12th studio album with extensive USA/European tour dates. Includes demo version of ‘Impetus’, which has never previously been released on vinyl. Clutch- Impetus. Now with their 12th album coming up later this year, we've brought back these early recordings on vinyl for the first time in over 25 years.

Also includes pile driver taken from the 1st ever single release in 1991. Highly sought after collectable release – a must for any Clutch fan. Having achieved commercial success and plenty of critical acclaim, it may come as a surprise to some people to know that American rock band Clutch had a release on Earache way back in their early days, before the release of their first album.

Impetus - 5 tracks, including all three from the band's second ever single "passive Restraints" which remains a key part of their set list to this day, as well as the track "Pile Driver", previously only available on the extremely rare 12" edition of Clutch's first ever single way back in 1991. Sales points • extremely rare early recordings from one of the most revered and respected bands in the Stoner Rock genre.

Elephant Riders

Let Them Eat Vinyl - It was produced by jack douglas whose other credits include The Who, John Lennon, Aerosmith, Blue Oyster Cult, James Gang and Mountain. Moving on from the grittier, rawer style of the band's previous albums, with The Elephant Riders, Clutch utilize a much wider range of influences to make their own unique style all the more interesting to listen to.

Deluxe vinyl edition!!! the elephant riders is the third full-length album by rock band Clutch. Clutch- Impetus. Clutch- elephant Riders UK -RSD16.

Blast Tyrant Double vinyl deluxe edition

WEATHERMAKER MUSIC 16181564 - Deluxe edition on 181 gram vinyl, includes bonus track and deluxe packaging with 6 cut-out mini posters Clutch- Impetus. Clutch- elephant Riders UK -RSD16. Clutch- Blast Tyrant.

Book of Bad Decisions

WEATHERMAKER MUSIC - Clutch- Impetus. Clutch, the influential heavy rock band from Maryland, has released their twelfth studio album "Book of Bad Decisions" via their own label Weathermaker Music. Clutch- elephant Riders UK -RSD16. Shrink-wrapped. The album was recorded, tn by producer vance powell Jack White, The Raconteurs, Chris Stapleton, mixed and produced at Sputnik Sound in Nashville, The Dead Weather.

Clutch- Blast Tyrant.

Psychic Warfare

WEGAWAM - Shrink-wrapped. Riyl baroness, acid Bath & Kyuss Clutch- Impetus. Clutch- elephant Riders UK -RSD16. Clutch- Blast Tyrant. Limited sale price**2015 album from the masters of southern groove metal and dirty rock.

Earth Rocker

WEATHERMAKER MUSIC - Some taste makers immediately notice that Clutch have gone heavier and faster than ever before. Earth rocker has already received towering accolades from those that have heard snippets of the album. 2013 release, the 10th studio album from the Maryland-based Hard Rockers. Others liken their new songs to the beating heart of 21st century rock'n'roll.

Clutch- Impetus. Vinyl lp pressing in gatefold sleeve. Clutch- Blast Tyrant. Clutch- elephant Riders UK -RSD16. Ships in certified Frustration-Free Packaging. Shrink-wrapped.

Fear Inoculum

RCA Records - The band's efforts to unify musical experimentation, and a message of personal evolution continued with the release of Lateralus in 2001, 000 Days in 2006 - gaining Tool critical acclaim, visual arts, and 10, and commercial success around the world. Clutch- Impetus. The album will be available digitally, a usb charging cable, and in a special limited Edition physical package that includes a CD in a tri-fold Soft Pack Video Brochure featuring a 4" HD rechargeable screen with exclusive video footage, a 2 watt speaker and a 36 page insert book and MP3 download card.

Shrink-wrapped. Ships in certified Frustration-Free Packaging. Later, tool became a dominant act in the alternative metal movement with the release of its follow-up album Ænima in 1996. Clutch- Blast Tyrant. Fear inoculum is the long awaited new album from TOOL, and the band's first new album in 13 years. Formed in 1990 in los angeles, california Tool emerged with a heavy metal sound on their first studio album, Undertow in 1993.

Fear Inoculum - Tool has won three grammy Awards, performed worldwide tours, and produced albums topping the charts in several countries. Clutch- elephant Riders UK -RSD16. To date, one ep, tool has released four studio albums, and one box set.

Robot Hive/Exodus

WEATHERMAKER MUSIC - Clutch- elephant Riders UK -RSD16. Available for the first time on vinyl, this beautiful double LP is re-mastered and comes in a re-designed gatefold pakcage. Clutch- Impetus. Clutch- Blast Tyrant. Shrink-wrapped. It contains some of clutch's classic tracks, such as "Mic and Gods" and "100001110101, " and it closes with two hoary old blues covers.

Ships in certified Frustration-Free Packaging.

Bloody Kisses 2LP

Rhino Custom Indie Retail - Ships in certified Frustration-Free Packaging. 1 little miss scare-All" became the most popular tracks. Clutch- elephant Riders UK -RSD16. Clutch- Blast Tyrant. To promote the album, the group went on a two-year world tour and were also featured on MTV, VH1 and Rolling Stone at the time. Shrink-wrapped. Their third album, bloody kisses, was released in 1993 to critical acclaim and became the first album for Roadrunner to reach certified Platinum status in the United States.

. Clutch- Impetus. Bloody kisses included mainly themes of loneliness and heartbreak with songs like "Too Late: Frozen, " "Blood & Fire, " and "Can't Lose You. The organ-led "set me on fire" has shades of sixties garage rock and the album includes a cover of the 1972 Seals & Crofts hit "Summer Breeze. Christian woman, " and "Black No.

Bloody Kisses 2LP - Type o negative- Bloody Kisses.


Sony Legacy - Clutch- elephant Riders UK -RSD16. Toxicity is the second studio album by the Armenian-American heavy metal band System of a Down, released on September 4, 2001 by Columbia Records. Clutch- Impetus. Shrink-wrapped. Ships in certified Frustration-Free Packaging. Type o negative- Bloody Kisses. Featuring the heaviness and aggression of System of a Down's debut studio album, harmonies, Toxicity features more melody, and singing than the band's aforementioned album.

Clutch- Blast Tyrant.