Blue Into The Rip

Sygasm - Getting back home was the only thing that mattered to messed up, Blue named after his stupid, mixed race teenager, googly blue eyes - and that was the problem—home was over four hundred years in the past. But how does a lowly cadet in a military academy living in a post-apocalyptic future achieve such a goal, especially with the distractions of girls, spacewalks and his almost constant unpopularity? The more Blue found out about this flooded, pilot training, about himself—who and what he was was he even human?—and the equally disturbing and shocking truth about his parents, gung-ho and annoying future, the more he realised getting home was the only solution.

The #1 amazon bestseller in time-travel and military science fiction! home is 400 YEARS AWAYA Rip in the fabric of time, a far-flung globally warmed future, a flooded Earth and the only remainder of civilisation—a militaristic organisation living underneath 'Desert Amazon'. Wasn't it?if blue knew one thing, it was that he would at least try.

Blue Into The Rip - What readers are saying about blue into the rip"an amazing read and Kev Heritage's writing is superb and unique. I definitely recommend this book to sci-fi adventure readers!" Girl In The Woods "Hands-down one of the most creative YA books I've read in a long time. Reading for pleasure "Fast paced, intriguing, thought provoking, character driven science fiction.

Cygnus Rising: Humanity Returns to Space Cygnus Space Opera Book 1

- They were all the people of Cygnus VII. From the ashes of their past, Cygnus was rising. The motto of the space Exploration Service was “the ship is life, save the ship. And the crew had done that, repeatedly, even though it cost lives. Everyone on board the cygnus-12 volunteered for the Space Exploration Service because they believed that the risk was worth it.

From space they came, to space they returned, humanity searching for a way home. And if they could return with word that Earth was there, alive and well, then that would make every death that much more meaningful. Cygnus rising is the first book in a Space Opera series based within the Free Trader universe.

Cygnus Rising: Humanity Returns to Space Cygnus Space Opera Book 1 - Humanity would not be denied. And they had the company of the intelligent species humans created centuries past, who evolved and became equals, partners in the journey to a better place. The people of the cygnus system were determined to find other life, maybe even return to Earth as they explored the known galaxy.

. For all humanity, they went to space, to find what was out there, return with knowledge to improve their civilization.

The Continuum Place in Time Book 1

- For years, sneaking into castles, elise has been donning corsets, and lying through her teeth to enforce the Place in Time Travel Agency's ten essential rules of time travel. For the first time ever, out of place, she's the one out-of-date, and quickly running out of time. Someone has to ensure that travel to the past isn't abused, and most days she welcomes the challenge of tracking down and retrieving clients who have run into trouble on their historical vacations.

But when a dangerous secret organization kidnaps her and coerces her into jumping to the future on a high-stakes assignment, she's got more to worry about than just the time-space continuum. Elise morley is an expert on the past who's about to get a crash course in the future.

The Burning Sands Trilogy Omnibus

Promethean Tales - When reggie lee agrees to test frontierza’s advanced hibernation technology in a month-long cryogenic sleep, he believes it will be a huge benefit to his career. But the world he wakes to is nothing like he expects. It's a world where life is cheap, and only the strong survive. To save the human species, Reggie must overcome impossible odds and horrific enemies.

Pick up this action-packed post-apocalyptic trilogy today, and see this new world of Burning Sands. Sometimes, waking is worse than the nightmare. Earth is dying, and humanity's only hope of survival will be somewhere among the stars.

The Rimes Trilogy Boxed Set

Promethean Tales - Career options are limited for those who still live on an Earth devastated by economic, industrial, and ecological calamity. Those desperate enough flee to the colony worlds. His rise through the ranks only exposes him to more of the dark secrets kept from the general populace. Now collected into a bestselling boxed set, the trilogy is an introduction into a gripping universe.

Buy the rimes trilogy now, and step into this intriguing setting! How does an honorable man survive in a corrupt world?Jack Rimes is a good person caught up in a grim and dark future where galaxy-spanning corporations exert terrible influence over governments. Technology improves the lives of the elite, but things have never been worse for the average person.

The Rimes Trilogy Boxed Set - Anyone looking for a chance at something more than abject poverty pursue a military career. Rimes is a commando, a special forces operator who does the dirty work to maintain a fragile global peace, but the strain on his family is devastating.

Rage of Angels

- And how to stop them. The end of the world is just the beginning. Earth has suffered a devastating attack by an unknown force of extraterrestrial origin, wiping out a civilization ten thousand years in the making in one day. Who are they, ' nathan bradley, a soldier who fights at the side of an alien of our own making and Arlan Moncrieffe, and why have they come? The survivors include Char Nelson and her team of powered combat armor 'Jockeys, and analyst that must determine what our attackers want.

. But they may be doomed to fail unless they can find a way to strike directly against the aliens, unassailable in their fortress-mothership orbiting high above the earth. Together they will fight a guerrilla war against their technologically superior adversaries in the vain hope of driving them off before they can strip the world of life.

The Sculpted Ship

- She became a starship engineer; she saved her money; she earned the skills and experience a starship captain would need. She still didn’t feel ready to go out on her own – but then her safe job went sour. With her newly minted imperial Shipmaster’s License in hand, Anailu just needs to find and buy a cheap, reliable freighter.

Instead, she ends up making a crazy deal for an impractical, rare ship that’s long on beauty – but short a few critical components. She’s determined to get her crippled ship back out among the stars, but her technical skills won’t be enough. Starship repair and society MannersShe dreamed of adventuring across the stars as captain of her own sleek ship.

The Sculpted Ship - Anailu will have to brave the dangers of a planet on the edge of the empire: safaris, rogue robots, formal dinners, and a fashion designer. She may even have to make a few friends – and enemies. The sculpted ship is set on the outskirts of a thousand-year interstellar empire, where a young woman with ambition, skill, and manners has a chance to achieve her dreams.

Newly edited and revised October 2017. Then anailu Xindar grew up. She didn’t lose her dream – she changed it; made it practical.

Freefall: A First Contact Technothriller Earth's Last Gambit Book 1

Knights Hill Publishing - The personalities of all, human and alien alike, were intoxicating. Natalie paesani, Amazon Reviewer. Savage:"prepare to be savaged in this masterpiece of sci-fi adventure, awed and captivated as you follow the desperate plight of the crew of the SoD!" -- Jas P, Amazon Reviewer"Thumbs up, that leaves you stunned, ready for the next round of excitement! Great sci fi.

An alien spaceship is orbiting distant, icy Europa. But someone doesn't want him going back to space, ever. Can jack defeat the saboteurs in time to save humanity? Or will the alien threat triumph?You'll love Freefall because it's a a scarily plausible first contact thriller blending hard science fiction and edge-of-your seat action.

Freefall: A First Contact Technothriller Earth's Last Gambit Book 1 - Each day of reading is like the next episode of my favorite show. Ted p, amazon reviewer"I absolutely loved these books! I couldn't put them down. It looks derelict. Fighting for his rightful place in the mission, Jack finds himself submerged in a world of secrets, international power games, and cold-blooded murder.

Earth needs a man like Jack.

Short Story - Interstellar Cargo Trilogy: ICARUS, DAEDALUS, and LAZARUS ASTERIUS

Night Apple, LLC - It can be read at any point in the series, though it is recommended to be read after book one. Captain tessa adrace of Starforce is about to be assigned a mission she will never forget. Even if it means her end. Asterius is a short story, consisting of 6750 words, or roughly twenty-four pages. When a familiar figure enters Cole’s life, he again falls prey to the questionable whims of his secretive government.

Who knew delivering cargo to the deep recesses of space could be so dangerous? Armed only with his cunning and past military experience, Cole is one against many. Forced into a new mission more dangerous than any he has faced before, he must return to the scene of his last “crime” and venture into Terracom’s darkest secret.

Short Story - Interstellar Cargo Trilogy: ICARUS, DAEDALUS, and LAZARUS ASTERIUS - Navigating through political red tape, dodging the crosshairs of the entire criminal underground, and questioning the motives of his lover—Cole must juggle it all or die trying. Pilot, and a sinister terraforming corporation with deep criminal ties await him. But this unorthodox interstellar cargo pilot won’t go down without a fight—even after he is faced with a choice that will alter the course of his life forever.

Daedalusleading the life of the system’s most wanted space pirate is not as satisfying as Cole Musgrave had hoped. With strict orders given her directly from the colonel, she must lead her squadron up against an adversary feared throughout the galaxy: Black Dwarf. Or so they think.


Red Adept Publishing, LLC - But even if he does return to Earth, he may end up locked inside a damaged brain forever. On the way home from a meeting at the school, he and his parents are involved in a horrible car crash. When the doctor suggests letting Adam go, Camille refuses to stop fighting for her son’s life. Lost among galaxies, adam must use his imagination to forge a path home before his body dies on the operating table.

. With his skull cracked open, Adam’s consciousness is abducted by the alien who has been speaking to him for months. After surviving the wreck with only minor scratches, Camille Helios must deal with her guilt over the accident that left her husband badly injured and her son in a coma. When he starts hearing a voice that claims to come from the stars, he fears he’s losing his mind, so he withdraws even further.

Intraterrestrial - Adam helios is a bully magnet without many friends.

Do You Realize?: A Novel

Beaver's Pond Press - Trapped with this mysterious misfit on his morning commuter train, music, George is dragged into awkward conversations about love, fear, and the meaning of life. Shiloh also asks george to beta-test an app he wrote for the new apple Watch—and with a free watch included, throwing George out of his uncomfortable comfort zone, how could he say no?When tragedy strikes, he learns that Shiloh’s app lets him journey through alternate versions of his past.

George is a middle-management, middle-class, middle-aged guy who hates his job and struggles to stay connected to his wife and teenage children. As challenges mount in his own reality, George must make a decision that will change him—and possibly the entire multiverse—forever. Most guys might end up with a steamy affair and a flashy car for their midlife crises, but George gets a quirky philosophical physics professor named Shiloh.